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Is your website working as hard as you?

Is your website working as hard as you?

With so many websites knocking around the internet it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Not only have websites got to be user friendly, they also have to be easily read and understood by Google and other search engines.

Getting your website up and running is only the first step. Getting people to visit it is the next step. Search engines have evolved drastically over the last few years and techniques to gain visitors and visibility amongst results has changed just as much. Old-hat techniques such as invisible text content, word clouds and designated keywords are easily identified by Google and have been known to be ignored and reports of being penalised. With search engines ever changing to make sense of the overwhelming number of websites on the internet it is no longer possible to rely on on-page content for continuous visitors.

Search Engines
Making your website visible on search engines will help visitors find your website. Small tolls such as Google Business Pages and similar can help visitors that are searching locally. Paid for advertising campaigns can artificially put you to the top of the listings. There is only one downside to this method, the price. While paid advertising can give unrivalled results, as soon as your advertising campaign ends, unfortunately so does your visitor flow.
Having your website show at the top of organic search results will give you the long-term benefits of continuous visitor flow and increased visibility and can save you money.

Social Media
Social Media Marketing can be a huge asset to your online marketing campaigns. There are a lot of people using social media and tapping into that market is a great way to gain visibility and brand recognition. In some cases, we have seen an increase of 20 30% of additional traffic purely through social media channels. Creating social media pages and maintaining them can be confusing and getting it right can be a minefield but when done correctly can be a great asset to have. One way to use social media is to share generated website content such as blogs and news articles.

Creating unique and engaging website content is a fantastic way to give your website a little bit more weight with search engines. Blogging offers a great way to create content from industry news, professional advice and product reviews to name just a few. One thing to note when creating Blogs is the content must be relevant to your website. Creating irrelevant content for your website will not help with results and can sometimes be detrimental.

It’s no longer possible to create a website and expect a hoard of visitors to come swarming through to you. With search engines constantly evolving new techniques are developed and some techniques are rendered obsolete each time they release an update. Websites need to be updated regularly to keep Google and other search engines coming back. To help user engagement, social media channels when used correctly can be an invaluable asset and generate new leads that normally wouldn’t come through.

Regularly updated websites with relevant content will always perform better.

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